Why you shouldn’t wash you hair daily!

SO this is my first beauty post.
But this is a very important post. You would not believe how many do not know washing your hair daily is bad for it.
I personally wash my hair once to twice a week. Usually once a week. It took me forever to switch to this schedule but now I can’t even imagine washing my hair daily. I rarely have to use dry shampoo now.
Everyone’s hair is different but every other day washing your hair is way better than everyday!

The positives to washing it less.
– You can buy real professional products, and it will last forever. Shampoo, conditioner, styling aids!!
– You will save money since you don’t have to use the products everyday.
– You save so much time! Not having to dry and full-out style every day. My style can last the full week with just a few touch ups.
– It’s healthier for your hair. Your hair needs the oil from your scalp to protect the ends.
– Helps color from fading!

How to change
So the easiest way to switch your washing schedule is to train your scalp. If you say yuck my hair gets so greasy I have to wash it daily. The reason your scalp gets so oily, is because it’s use to you washing it daily. So it over produces oil. I know sneaky smart scalp!
Wait as long as possible to wash your hair, pick when you can wear your hair up, hats, headbands, scarves whatever it takes, but wait as long as you can. Then shampoo it, and wait again as long as possible. After that you should be able to switch to whatever schedule you want.

A few tips
– Some of my clients will still condition their hair daily, or just wet it down. But for me that makes my hair look stringy and greasy, so I don’t get it wet at all.
– I do shampoo my bangs almost every day.
– If you use a lot of product everyday, you might need a clarifying shampoo to help remove all of it.
– If you work out and it gets sweaty wait and see how it feels once it dries. Most people have said once dries you couldn’t even tell.
– Dry shampoo is amazing! You can also use baby powder, or corn starch. I just love how easy aerosol dry shampoo is. Just make sure whatever you use rub it in. Otherwise your hair will look grey!

I love hearing when people stop washing their hair daily, and how happy they are.