Freezing food!

So much for me planning to write everyday. I have gone down to once a week and for the time I am ok with that. We have been hit hard by the cold, Baby has been sick with it for almost two weeks. I think it is finally leaving us! With all the extra stress of runny noses cooking has been far from my mind. Which is why I am so happy I have a well stocked freezer.
Recently I have gotten big into freezing items. Either already cooked meals, or staples so I always have them on hand.

Cookie dough freezes amazing! Make dough like normal, then scoop desired size on to a cookie sheet, stick in freezer. Once frozen place in a labeled bag. When ready to eat, place desired amount on a baking sheet. Cook at normal temperature. Just add a minute or two to the bake time. And fresh-baked cookies whenever you want!

Broths. I always have half open cartons of broth, instead of dumbing down the drain I now freeze. I freeze mine. 1/4 cup in muffin tins. Pop them out once frozen into a labeled bag. I add it frozen straight into soups. Other dishes I defrost first.

Tomato paste. Another staple that is so good to have. I usually only need a tablespoon or two, so I have to freeze the rest. I like to freeze mine in tablespoon measurements, much the same way as the cookie dough.

Soups. This is one of the best things I ever learned. I personally like to freeze it flat in bags, makes defrost process easier for me. Also with this I wouldn’t freeze all in same bag. Usually enough for a meal for my family in a bag. If defrosted in fridge you can usually refreeze. Sometimes pasta can get mushy, and dairy doesn’t always freeze the best. I haven’t had a problem with dairy just heard it in my researcher.

Fruit. I love frozen fruit in my smoothies. Lay out berries on a cookie sheet to freeze. Bananas break up in small pieces before freezing.

Veggie scraps. If you compost this is a great place to store the scraps so they don’t get all yucky while you wait for a full bag. Or save all the good veggie scraps to make homemade vegetable broth.

Baby food. We didn’t do a lot of baby food mush, but when we did it was homemade. I had free time, so would make a huge batch of puree fruit/veggies. And freeze it in ice-cube trays. Defrost in fridge.

As of now that’s all I think of but there are so many options for your freezer!!


About hairstylistinthekitchen

I am a hairstylist by profession, but love being in the kitchen baking and cooking!

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